Become a Green Deal Supplier

If you are interested in becoming a Green Deal Licensee, please contact the GDAA Panel Secretary.

A Supplier must meet the following requirements in order to accede to the GDAA:

  • hold an Electricity Supply Licence;
  • become a party to the Master Registration Agreement.

Once both of the above conditions are met, and a completed Accession application form has been sent to the GDAA Panel Secretary, the application will be presented to the GDAA Panel for decision.

Further information on the application process can be found here, including relevent forms for completion and submission.

Please note, once aceeded as a new party to the GDAA, you are obliged to execute the GDCC Access Agreement and become a DTN Enabled User as soon as reasonably practicable.

  • To execute the GDCC Access Agreement, please visit MRASCo’s GDCC Access page.
  • To become a DTN Enabled User, please visit ElectraLink’s Green Deal Provision Overview page.
  • To designate a Remittance Processer, please email the details of the organisation you wish to designate to the GDAA Panel Secretary. If you wish to be your own Remittance Processor, you are still required to notify the GDAA Panel Secretary.
Relevant information for Suppliers

Provided to the right is a Consumer Complaint Flow Diagram intended for front line complaints handlers. The diagram details appropriate escalation routes for complaints that may be received by suppliers regarding the Green Deal.


Documents can be downloaded using the links below: