Provider Forum

The Green Deal Provider Forum is a forum where Green Deal providers discuss any operational issues affecting the provider industry and is convened by the GD ORB on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The Provider Forum is tasked with identifying and raising operational risks and concerns emanating from the day-to-day functions of a Green Deal Provider, identifying potential solutions, and producing recommendations to DECC (either directly or via the Green Deal Provider Strategy Group or Green Deal Advisory Group). The Forum also considers the general workings of the Green Deal, issues identified by consumers or supply chain parties, and opportunities for raising the profile of the Green Deal.

The membership of this Forum is drawn from authorised Green Deal Providers, DECC and the GD ORB. Given the breadth of the provider industry, active participation is essential for continued membership of the Forum.

Any authorised Green Deal Provider may raise an issue or provide feedback for consideration at the Provider Forum. This should be done by contacting the GD ORB or any of the Provider representatives participating at the Forum.

The membership of the Forum will be refreshed from time to time. If you wish to participate at the Forum, please express your interest to GD ORB. Also, where required, the Chair may invite industry representatives and other experts to attend meetings to present on specific topics.

The Provider Forum meets up to every six weeks. The Forum’s Final Decisions and Actions documents will appear to the right shortly after each meeting.

There are no Provider Forum meetings currently scheduled.