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We have received a number of calls from people about nuisance calls related to the Green Deal. We are unaware who is making these calls, but don’t believe it is one of our authorised GD Participants. Please contact the Information Commissioners Office to report your concerns. Please also let us know details by emailing our helpdesk so we can keep a track of complaints.

We also recommend that you register with the Telephone Preference Service if you have not already done so. Although registering will not physically block marketing calls, it should reduce the overall number of these calls that you receive.

Consumer Enquiries

Please note, we no longer operate a telephone helpdesk service and all enquiries must be received by email ( or via the enquiry form below.

Information and advice (in England and Wales) on energy efficiency, microgeneration and Government schemes can be obtained from the Simple Energy Advice (0800 444202).

Advice for consumers in Scotland can be obtained from Home Energy Scotland (HES) on 0808 808 2282 (free from all UK mobile and landline numbers, opening hours Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm) or at

Further Enquiries (Including Provider Registration)
For Market Participant Enquiries (including Provider Registration), the GD ORB Helpdesk Team will be pleased to answer your questions. Please submit your enquiry using the form below.

Please note this is not a consumer enquiry helpdesk. Please see above for ‘Consumer Enquiries’.

Financial Conduct Authority Enquiries
If you have a query relating specifically to the status of an application for FCA authorisation, or to whether you require FCA permissions, you are advised to contact the FCA on +44 (0)300 500 0597.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund
The last release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) announced in March will close on 30 September 2015, or earlier if the funds run out. There will not be any further releases of the GDHIF. The GD ORB does not administer this scheme, and further queries must be directed to or call 0300 555 0201.

Unsolicited marketing calls
If you are receiving unsolicited calls which relate to the selling of Green Deal services, please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for advice on how to stop the nuisance calls and messages. Please click here to access the ICO’s website.

Installer and Assessor Queries
For technical queries about the Green Deal Installer and Assessor Standards or how to apply to become a Green Deal Installer or Assessor, please contact the Certification Bodies. Please click here to be directed to the Certification Bodies page.

Northgate Public Services
All GD Register technical support calls should be raised through the Northgate Public Services INFRA Portal at Only GD Assessor Organisations and GD Provider Organisations can log calls. Individual GD Advisors and GD Providers should raise calls through their Assessor/Provider Organisation.

INFRA accounts are set up through the registration process for Assessor/Provider Organisations, but they can also be requested through the Northgate Public Services Desk by email to

GDCC CAS Helpdesk (Data Flows)
For technical Green Deal Central Charge database enquiries regarding data flows, please contact the GDCC Central Administration Service at or call 0207 090 1068.

GDAA Panel Secretary
For queries relating to the Green Deal Arrangements Agreement contact the GDAA Panel Secretary via email at

ECO Enquiries
The ECO scheme is administered by Ofgem E-serve on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). As such, the GD ORB cannot provide advice relating specifically to the ECO Scheme. Information for customers is available here. For more information for market participants, please visit the Ofgem E-Serve website by clicking here. To contact the ECO team at Ofgem E-serve, please call 02079 017000 or email



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Media enquiries

This email address is for media enquiries only. For more general enquiries about the Green Deal, please contact the Helpdesk as detailed above. Helpdesk Advisors cannot be reached via this address.

At Gemserv we have a number of industry experts who are avaliable for comment and interviews on a range of issue within the Energy, Water, Environment, Telecoms and Information Security sectors.

To arrange to speak to one of our spokespeople, please email our Press Office.