Becoming a Party to the GDAA

The Electricity Suppliers, Green Deal Providers and Finance Parties who wish to operate under the Green Deal are required to become a Party to the GDAA.

The Application Pack can be downloaded from the right hand-side of this web page and includes the following:

  1. The GDAA document;
  2. GDAA Accession Guideline GDAA01;
  3. GDAA Application for Accession Form;
  4. GDAA Supplementary Information Form for Finance Parties.

Applicants are strongly advised to read the GDAA Accession Guideline before completing their application.

The GDAA accession process is based on the following stages:

  1. Application: the prospective new party applies to the Panel Secretary, in writing, sending, as a minimum, a completed GDAA Application Form  with the relevant evidence.
  2. Panel processing: Panel Secretary receives and distributes the application within required timescales.
  3. GDAA Panel consideration: The GDAA Panel accepts or rejects the application, or requests further information before making a decision.
  4. Court Remedies or Referral to the Secretary of State (optional): Under certain circumstances the Applicant may wish to refer an unacceptable GDAA response to the Secretary of State or seek court remedies.
  5. Accession: The Applicant signs the Accession Agreement prepared by the Panel Secretary and the agreement is then signed by a delegate authorised by the GDAA Panel.



Documents can be downloaded using the links below: