Green Deal Providers

Green Deal Providers arrange Green Deal Plans, provide finance, and arrange for the installation of the agreed energy efficiency improvements through an authorised Installer.

The Green Deal Provider is responsible for:

  • Offering a Green Deal Plan to customers, based on recommendations from an accredited Assessor Organisation;
  • Arranging for the installation of energy efficiency improvements, carried out by an authorised Installer; and
  • Ongoing obligations in relation to Green Deal Plans, including dealing with customer complaints and providing information when a new bill payer moves into a property with a Green Deal.

The Green Deal Plan sets out the financial terms of the agreement and includes consumer protections, such as warranties, to cover the energy efficiency improvements and installation. Only an authorised Provider can offer a Green Deal Plan.

Green Deal Providers must operate to a high standard. Businesses will need to be authorised and abide by certain requirements to operate as a Green Deal Provider.

Please click here to find out how to become an authorised Green Deal Provider.