Installer Guidance

GD ORB accepted approach to initial evaluation of Green Deal installers

PAS 2031: 2012 requires both the installation service process evaluation (desk-based assessment) and installation service delivery evaluation (on-site assessment) to take place in order for an accredited Green Deal certificate to be issued to an applicant installer, in line with the requirements of BS EN 45011 standard.

Following careful considerations by DECC, the GD ORB and UKAS of the certification requirements, market conditions and the risk involved, it has been agreed that as an interim measure certain flexibility may be accepted in terms of how certification bodies evaluate how installers demonstrate that they meet the scheme requirements. Smaller organisations may need less complex management systems, and that certification bodies would be expected to be pragmatic and flexible in their assessment approach. For more details, please see the GD ORB accepted approach to initial evaluation of Green Deal installers document on the right hand side of this page.

MCS 023 Transitional Arrangements

The GD ORB, DECC, UKAS and MCS worked together to set up transitional arrangements for those Certification Bodies that were certified against the existing MCS scheme documents. All Certification Bodies registered with MCS under the transitional arrangements for MCS 023 completed their extensions of scope gaining accreditation from UKAS to certify against MCS 023 on 18th October 2013.

PAS 2030: 2012 Edition 2 Transitional Arrangements

The revised version of PAS 2030 was published on 25th January 2013. Following careful considerations by DECC, ORB and UKAS of the accreditation timelines, market conditions and the risk involved, a decision has been made to allow a transitional arrangements period under the Green Deal scheme until 30th November 2013 effective from the 20th February 2013.

The transitional period will allow the Certification Bodies that are not yet accredited against the new annexes, to issue certificates for these new annexes of PAS 2030, provided that they meet certain conditions. For more details please see the Transitional Arrangements v2.0 for ‘PAS 2030: 2012 Edition 2’ document available on the right hand side of this page.

There are a number of routes open to PAS 2030. In relation to Route 2 to demonstrating competence, potential applicants should follow the link to the Sector Skills website, where you will find the currently mapped courses that PAS has made provisions for.

Commonly Agreed Positions

A Commonly Agreed Position (CAP) represents an approach agreed by the stakeholders to whom it applies, or agreed on their behalf by the relevant GD ORB Stakeholder Forum. CAPs are clarifications as to how affected parties have agreed to interpret and comply with requirements of Green Deal legislation, governance and standards. For the avoidance of doubt, in any circumstance where a CAP may contradict relevant legislation and/or governance of standards documents, those original documents shall take precedence over the CAP.

The following CAPs have been published in relation to the installer Green Deal auhtorisation and are available for download from the right hand side of this page:

  • GD CAP01 Accepted Approach to Installer Surveillance Evaluation
  • GD CAP03 Inspection and Surveillance of External, Hybrid and Internal Wall Insulation