Green Deal Installers

Once a property has had an assessment and the finance for measures has been approved, installation of the Green Deal measures is the next step.

Only an authorised Green Deal Installer can install energy efficiency improvements under the Green Deal finance mechanism. Additionally, only authorised installers will be able to identify themselves as ‘Green Deal Installers’ and use the Green Deal Quality Mark.

You can become authorised as a Green Deal Installer if:

  • Your company is certified by a Certification Body as meeting the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2030 for the measures you wish to install. Both you and your company are required to meet the relevant requirements of PAS 2030. Certification bodies will certify installer organisations against the relevant parts of the PAS standard. It is then the responsibility of the certified organisation to ensure their employees meet the relevant standards
  • You comply by the conditions as detailed in the Green Deal Code of Practice on the BEIS and GD ORB websites
  • You keep clear records of work done and allow monitoring of installation work when requested.

Your certification body will register you for the Green Deal with the Oversight and Registration Body and license you to use the Green Deal Quality Mark.

Installers are certified for the different Green Deal measures they wish to install. This is to ensure that customers get measures installed to high standards under their Green Deal plans. You can be certified for as many different measures as you wish to install providing that you meet the required standard as set out in PAS 2030.

MCS Certification

If you are an MCS Certified Installer, you may not have to start the entire application process from scratch as you may have met the requirements set out in the technical annexes for the measures covered by the scheme. However, you will still need to put in place Quality Management Systems/Assurances to fully meet the requirements of PAS 2030. Please contact your MCS certification body to find out if they plan to become Green Deal accredited. If so, they can provide more information on how to do this. However, if they are not, please click here in order to find a Green Deal accredited Certification Body.

Gas Safe Registered

If you are Gas Safe registered, this alone will not allow you to operate under the Green Deal. You will need to contact a Green Deal Certification Body to go through the certification process against PAS 2030. You can use your Gas Safe Registration to demonstrate the compliance with the gas-safety specific requirements of PAS 2030 only.


Use the Certification Body Register to find a suitable certification body. The costs of certification will be a matter for you and your Certification Body. There is a wide range of Certification Bodies participating in the Green Deal, it is up to you to decide which Certification Body fulfils your particular requirements.