Accepted routes to demonstrating competence for Green Deal Installers

The Installer competence requirements for the Green Deal are outlined in the technical annexes of PAS 2030. There are a number of recognised routes to demonstrating competence, and depending on the technology, may include:

  • Relevant QCF/SCQF qualifications or qualification units and on-site inspection of work;
  • Completion of other aligned training and certification and on-site inspection of work;
  • Member of a Building Regulations Competent Person Scheme for the type of work included under the scope of this Annex and on-site inspection of work;
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in relation to the competence in Annex CWI 1 gained through industry experience and verified by UKAS accredited certification body through a structured interview and on-site inspection of work; and
  • Evidence of product or system supplier surveyor approval, where relevant.

Mapped Courses

One of the routes of demonstrating competence, as outlined above, is through the completion of other aligned training and certification and on-site inspection of work.  Alignment of courses shall be on the basis of mapping to the relevant Minimum Technical Competency Annex and acceptance by the responsible Sector Skills Council (SSC) or other Standards Setting Organization (SSO), supported by periodic confirmation of delivery.

Where such mapping and acceptance processes are already established for a particular sector, they should be used. Where existing processes are not available, a training body wishing to have its courses mapped should determine in conjunction with the relevant SSC/ SSO, a means of assessing technical competence equivalent to the mapping and acceptance applied in respect of already accepted courses and then work towards the development of a formal mapping and assessment framework for the new courses, as soon as possible.

A number of courses currently mapped for a number of measures covered in PAS 2030 can be found on the Summit Skills website

However, this is not an extensive listing and more courses may be developed in the future. Please contact your Certification Body, the relevant SSC or SSO for more information.