How to Update Participant Details

Why is it important?

The information on your company’s regions of operation is used to populate the Green Deal Consumer Search tool which is located here

The nominated industry contact details will only be displayed on the GD ORB site as this site is marketed for industry. Providing your contact details will enable other Green Deal Participants to search and contact your company regarding partnerships and developing the Green Deal supply chain.

This information is voluntary, however to ensure that your company is listed for the relevant region in the tool it is important that you keep your information up to date. Please ensure that your regions of operation are accurate as this information will be used by DECC for monitoring purposes in addition the GD ORB will also be monitoring complaints related to the accuracy of the information.

If you do not update your regional coverage, you will not appear in the search results when searched by location or postcode. Your company will only be searchable by Provider / Cert ID or keywords, e.g. company name.


Green Deal Assessor Organisations

The participant login area is available to the Green Deal Assessor Organisations to update their regions of operations. Nominated industry contact details can also be provided or updated from within this area. Please note that these contact details are voluntary and will be publically available.


Green Deal Providers and Installers

Green Deal Providers (GDPs) and Green Deal Installer Organisations can no longer update their regional coverage via the participant login area. Updates are now facilitated by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) who on an ongoing basis will be engaging with GDPs and Green Deal Installers to discuss their readiness to provide measures, GD Plans and Cashback, and the geographical coverage of these offers. This data will be used to update the Consumer Search Tool. Please note if you are a GDP, please ensure you are operationally ready before contacting EST to update your regions and measures. Any queries related to this should be directed to the appropriate team at EST, contact details for which are as follows:


Green Deal Providers:



Green Deal Installer Organisations:


Tel 1: 029 2047 5956

Tel 2: 029 2047 5948


Updating company details

If you are an Assessor Organisation or an Installation Company and you need to make changes to your certification details please contact your certification body directly and they will be able to assist you.

If you are a Provider and you need to make changes to your authorisation details please contact the GD ORB Helpdesk.