Green Deal Provider Guidance

This section provides guidance on the processes for becoming an authorised Green Deal Provider and the necessary steps required to issue a Green Deal Plan once fully authorised.

Application and Authorisation Guidance

Guidance on the authorisation process is available in the Green Deal Provider section of this website.

Provider Guidance Document

This Guidance is intended to provide additional information for Green Deal Providers on the requirements of operating in the Green Deal market. It is not a comprehensive handbook to the market but instead gives guidance on the underlying regulatory framework, in particular the requirements in developing a Green Deal Plan and the monitoring and sanctions processes. It should be read in conjunction with Part 1, Chapter 1 of the Energy Act 2011, the Green Deal Framework Regulations (Disclosure, Acknowledgement, Redress etc.) Regulations 2012, and the Green Deal Code of Practice.

Consumer credit regulation transferred from the Office of Fair Trading to the Financial Conduct Authority at the beginning of April 2014 – this is an important change for Green Deal Providers to be aware of, and companies wishing to continue to carry out consumer credit activities after 1 April 2014 must register for interim permission. Details can also be found in the Become a Green Deal Provider section of this website.

The Provider Guidance document is available for download from the right-hand side of this page (Green Deal Provider Guidance).

Becoming an Active Green Deal Provider

A complete Provider’s guide to the post-authorisations steps is available for download from the right-hand side of this page (Becoming an Active Green Deal Provider).

Green Deal Providers Walkthrough Guide

This walkthrough guide is designed to provide a simplified overview of the process a Green Deal Provider can go through to create a Green Deal Plan and is available for download from the right hand side of this page (Green Deal Providers Walkthrough Guide).

EPC Register Guidance and Green Deal Plan Tool User Guide

We have issued guidance to help Green Deal Providers once they have been authorised. Guidance documents are available for download on the right hand side of the page:

  • Green Deal Northgate Registration guide
  • Green Deal Provider Organisations Guide
  • Green Deal Provider Users Guide
  • Green Deal Provider Scottish EPC Guidance Document
  • Green Deal Plan User Guide