Certification Body Forum

The Green Deal Certification Body Forum (GDCBF) facilitates the discussion between the Green Deal Certification Bodies and the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB) regarding certification-related issues.

The main objectives of the GD CB Forum are the following:

  • To identify and resolve issues related to the Green Deal assessor and installer certification processes
  • To share best practices and encourage consistent application and interpretation of the scheme rules
  • To recommend certification-related governance and process improvements
  • To assist in the impact assessment of relevant scheme governance changes
  • To allow DECC and the GD ORB to update CBs on scheme and policy related matters.The GD CB Forum may in the future engage in formal ¬† relationships with other consultative forums established by the GD ORB, to be agreed on from time to time.

There are no Certification Body Forum meetings currently scheduled.