Feed In Tariffs and the Green Deal Advice Report Guidance

DECC has today issued further guidance explaining the way in which the Standard Assessment Procedure calculates savings attributable to measures which are eligible for Feed-In Tariffs (FiTs).   

The Green Deal Advice Report has also been revised to provide more up to date information about FiTs and to make communication clearer to consumers. DECC would like to stress, however, that the figures used in the report previously are correct.

The update was implemented in England & Wales on 22nd October 2015. The update in Scotland is currently planned for 1st November 2015.

DECC has engaged with Green Deal Certification Bodies over these changes and they will reflect these in due course in third party software and guidance.

The technical guidance note can be found here. Green Deal Assessors who have queries about these changes should contact their Certification Bodies in the first instance.

Please note, the Test Sample GDAR (found here) only contains the pages that have changed and is not the complete GDAR.